About us

Aurismed Medical Centre was established by experienced academic staff members from the Medical University of Warsaw, in order to provide the Patients with a broader access to innovative, advanced medical procedures.

We offer to our Patients the following world-class medical services:

We are a dynamically developing medical centre cooperating with many recognized scientists specialised in comprehensive diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. Our staff has several years of clinical practice in leading Polish and foreign medical centres.

Aurismed Medical Centre will lead you through the entire therapeutic cycle, starting with diagnosis, necessary tests and examinations, treatment and rehabilitation.


Individual, friendly attitude to our patients
Comprehensive medical care
Highly qualified personnel


The company meets all requirements of innovative companies. In 2012 we set up our own research and development department AURISMED BIOTECHNOLOGY, to provide you with a broader access to innovative, globally recognized, advanced medical procedures.

AURISMED BIOTECHNOLOGY focuses on conducting research and development activities. The department operates individually and under scientific-industrial consortia together with Polish and foreign scientific units and research centres. The R&D department also commercialises and ensures intellectual property protection of the results of scientific studies.


Providing our Patients with innovative medical services based on global achievements in this field, and becoming one of medical units which set new trends in diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation thanks to our R&D department.

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Aurismed Medical Centre operates based on the user-driven innovation approach. Medical services and products offered by the company involve deep recognition of the Patients’ needs and demands of the medical services market. We incorporate global development trends in medicine in order to create our own innovations in the field of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. The technological solutions which we develop are implemented in Aurismed operations and commercialised as licensed products and know-how.


Like in every innovative company, our successes depend on people – outstanding physicians, scientists and employees. Thanks to their knowledge, experience, involvement and passion, every day we are one step closer to solutions, whose aim is to improve the quality of life of our Patients.


We adhere strictly to standards expected from modern medical centres. Due to this, our Patients are guaranteed professional and safe medical services.

Quality and responsibility

We are aware of immense responsibility medical centres have to bear. Therefore, we do our best to provide top-notch services based on world-class medical solutions.

Individual approach

Aurismed Medical Centre ensures individual and holistic approach to every Patient. We are open to social, technological and economical changes, which also affect medicine. Our services always take into consideration individual needs and expectations of a patient.