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Our specialists in the ‘Uwaga’ TV programme20190228171654

Our specialists in the ‘Uwaga’ TV programme

28 February 20190
Aleksandra Kłosowska - psychologist, aviation psychologist, coach in our centre, gave an interview in the ‘Uwaga’ TV programme...
New R&D Aurismed Biotechnology Project20180618171755

New R&D Aurismed Biotechnology Project

18 June 20180
We are pleased to announce that on 1 July 2018 the R&D Department of Aurismed Biotechnology launches the project ‘Lublin tele-medical platform LUBTELMED’...
Aurismed Biotechnology utility models20180604171832

Aurismed Biotechnology utility models

4 June 20180
On 4 June 2018 utility model applications were published in the Patent Office Bulletin no. 12 of 4 June 2018. These were models of electrodes measuring auditory potential...
Patent granted20180507171907

Patent granted

7 May 20180
Aurismed S.A. R&D Department is pleased to announce that the following two inventions were patented subject to the decision no. DP.P.415730.6.islo of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland...
Prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Niemczyk appointed the President of the European Skull Base Society (ESBS)20180421172006

Prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Niemczyk appointed the President of the European Skull Base Society (ESBS)

21 April 20180
The event was held in Warsaw from 19 to 21 April 2018 and was chaired by Kazimierz Niemczyk - the head of the Department and Clinic of Otorhinolaryngology at the Medical University of Warsaw...
Last monitoring session in PBS III project20180324172043

Last monitoring session in PBS III project

24 March 20180
From 22 to 24 March 2018 the last monitoring session was held in PBS III project...
European Innovation Week20171110172122

European Innovation Week

10 November 20170
The European Innovation Week was held from 6 to 10 November 2017 in the Lublin Conference Centre. The R&D Team of Aurismed S.A. participated actively in the event...
UEMS Annual ORL Section and Board Meeting20170929172202

UEMS Annual ORL Section and Board Meeting

29 September 20170
is a cyclic event whose aim is to set new educational trends in European otorhinolaryngology. In 2017 it was organised by Aurismed S.A. in the MAMAISON HOTEL LE REGINA WARSAW...
OSSIMON LAIOM commercialisation20170820172232

OSSIMON LAIOM commercialisation

20 August 20170
As a result of the research project entitled ‘Development and implementation of an innovative device for intraoperative monitoring of hearing during tympanoplasty’...