Last monitoring session in PBS III project

Last monitoring session in PBS III project

From 22 to 24 March 2018 the last monitoring session was held in PBS III project entitled:
‘Development of an innovative method of direct stimulation of internal ear structures through bone conduction’.

The research project concerns a new way of stimulating the structures of the inner ear by providing vibrations directly to the bone labyrinth capsule, and the research carried out was aimed at confirming the results of the research obtained so far.

During experimental work, the effectiveness of stimulation of the inner ear was measured on temporal bone preparations based on vibrations of the round window membrane using laser doppler vibrometry (LDV).

The research was carried out at the Medical University of Warsaw and was attended by an interdisciplinary scientific team composed of professors of the Medical University of Warsaw and Warsaw University of Technology, and a consortium member Signovia International Sp. z o.o.

Aurismed S.A. research representatives were: Dorota Fudała – Development Specialist, dr Tomira Ignatowicz, dr Arkadiusz Paprocki.

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